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Prescription Glasses: Practical Tips for Choosing Stylish Eyewear Frames

If you are planning on purchasing a new pair of prescription glasses, you should evaluate the different styles before choosing the right frames for your face. Often, people choose their frames by checking catalogues or the frame selection provided in the optometrist's office. Unfortunately, most individuals do not compare the frames to their face. Therefore, the look will not be as expected. You should note that your appearance will differ when wearing different types of glasses. So, you must make a comparison before choosing your frames. Here are practical tips to help you choose the best prescription glasses for a stylish look.

Consider Your Face Shape

You should examine your face shape before choosing frames for your prescription glasses. When assessing your face, you should pull your hair away from your face and check the overall shape and general contours. Oval faces are considered to be the ideal standard. They can accommodate different frame designs as long as the glasses are not narrower than the broadest part of the face. If you have a heart-shaped face, opt for frames with wider bottom to reduce the apparent width of the upper face.

Alternatively, you can opt for rimless eyewear or glasses with thin frames to give an airy appearance. Oblong faces have long cheek lines and are generally longer than wide. You can enhance your face by opting for glasses with more depth or decorative features to add more width to the face. Round faces do not have defined angles. If you would like to give your face an angular look, you should choose rectangular frames. For the best results, you should try on different glasses and find the best shape.

Consider Facial Colouring

Your skin tone and even the colour of your hair can have an influence on your final look after purchasing prescription glasses. Therefore, you should take this issue into consideration before making your decision on frames. In general, it is advisable to choose frames that do not contrast with your skin. For example, bronze and golden skin will work better with brown, beige and honey shades as opposed to pastels. Fair skin and light hair will work with light frames.

Evaluate Your Lifestyle

Finally, you should consider your lifestyle. It is important to choose prescription eyewear frames which complement your daily life. For example, crazy-coloured frames and interesting shapes might be suited for your face but not your workplace. Therefore, you should make an objective decision. If you can afford flexibility, you should look for unique eyewear to match your personality.